Sunday, January 31, 2010


Jason and I have been through alot in our first 2 years of marriage. Hopefully things will start to calm down. Jason got a job! He is working for a company down in Jasper, AL. We are back to having a long distance relationship again. The good news's not for too long. They will be relocating Jason to North Carolina between May and June. This works out well because I will be able to finish out the school year. It is bittersweet...I love Chattanooga and my family and friends that are here, but I'm excited at the opportunity to restart our marriage in a new place. North Carolina is beautiful and I hear it is a very dog friendly place. It is ALL about Lucy after all! Hopefully we can get settled in to NC and start a family there. We have been on a roller coaster since March of 2008. I know God has a plan for us and as hard as we tried to stay here, He has a plan for us to be somewhere else. I am so thankful to Him for providing Jason and I with this new opportunity. I hope 2010 will be a great year!

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